Hand stitching

I have begun the arduos task of making this year’s christmas present.  I’ve decided to sew as many presents as I can, so I’m going to make a wad of coin snap purses, some patchwork pieces and possibly some leather gloves, oh also maybe some cross-stitching.

Right now I am working on an english paper piecing project which I think will end up as placemats (for my mom!)  I have been piecing the hexies as I go with no fixed plan.  I really like the eclectic and colourful way it is turning out.  I am really enjoying the process of hand stitching, because it goes faster that you’d think and it’s so satisfying to see instant results.  I keep turning to dress projects I have been working to and I get so overwhelmed by all the steps of the patterns and all the different pieces.  I’ll get back to it soon!  In the meantime, here are some photos of my hand stitching so far:




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