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Tammis Keefe fabric

Lately, I have been focusing all my sewing energy on a hand-stitched paper-piecing quilt.  It is A LOT more work that I thought it would be when I started out (months ago!)  But, I’m pretty motivated because it is going to me a special christmas quilt for a special little girl I know.  So, now I have a deadline and I’m really excited to finish it!

The fabric I chose is a Tammis Keefe tribute reproduction by Michael Miller fabrics.  There is a really nice overview of her life and work that you can read here.

There are a few photos of this quilt top (here, here, here and here) on the workroom flickr page taken when I had first started (back in April!)  I haven’t been working on it constantly since then…  I’ve just been coming back to whenever I feel like it.   However, slowly but surely it has been growing and after all this hard work, I think the next quilt I make I’m keeping!!!

Tammis Keefe fabric

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  1. Anushka said:

    This is just stunning. I can’t wait to see the finished piece. The animals ensconced in the hexagons are great!

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