Alphabet stamps

I recently ordered an Alphabet stamp box from Jolin Tsai on Etsy.  I was trying really hard to choose between a stamp style that looks hand written (like the one pictured above) and one that was more of a printed-typewriter style.  For a while I was really torn! But, ultimately i chose the handwriting style stamps, because I really like the personal & hand-made look and I think its kind of endearing.  I wanted a stamp box so that I can start incorporating some personal messages into my sewing projects, when making handmade gifts for friends, and to date my work.  I was inspired by the Typewritten fabric labels, made by Karyn, from The Workroom and from her blog make something.  She sewed fabric labels into coin snap purses and gave them out as christmas gifts.  I’m going to be using these stamps for gifts of my own, but I will have to wait to reveal them after christmas, because who wants to spoil a surprise?!  (I just hope that not too many of my friends and family are following my blog just yet…)  Below you can see some test labels I was working on.  It think they look pretty good, I just need to be more careful about the edges of each stamp.  As for the ink, I am using Versacraft, which is supposed to be permanent on fabric – I’ll have to test it out by putting some of my samples through the wash…  I think there are so many opportunities to incorporate stamps and letters into many different projects – I can’t wait to try them all out!

  1. nettie said:

    I love this set. I have a really inexpensive version that is nowhere near this nice. The wooden box and handles are so lovely on yours. I bet they make working with them feel special.

  2. lauren said:

    LOVE these! I have serious stamp envy now and what a cute box!

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