Colette Sew-along: Meringue skirt

So, I’m taking part in Sew Colette, the Colette Sewing Handbook sew-along.  I’m kind of behind their schedule… (I have a feeling I’m going to be fashionably late for all of the five projects!)  The up side for being a bit behind is that I can read about how everyone else gets along with their projects and see some photos of the finished product, and hopefully get a heads up about any challenges that may lurk before me.  Last week the group already moved on to the Pastille dress, but I have finally finished my Meringue skirt so I want to share!

Tracing and cutting out pattern pieces onto freezer paper for Colette's Meringue skirt

One of the reasons it took me a while to get going on this skirt is that I took my time going through the first part of the Colette Sewing Handbook, reviewing all the sewing and dressmaking basics.  When it came to cutting out patterns, usually I would trace a pattern onto tracing paper and then pin it to my fabric in order to cut out the pieces.  This time, though, I tried out one of Sarai’s suggestions and I traced the pattern onto freezer paper, so that I could just Iron the pieces onto the fabric for a more precise cut.  This didn’t really end up working for pieces that are meant to be cut on the fold, because the bottom fabric can shift really easily.  I think it would work really well with patterns that have pieces not on the fold though.

I had some fit problems in the (ahem…) derriere.  There were diagonal lines on the backside of the skirt and the Colette Sewing Handbook categorizes this as (and I quote) a “protruding derriere.”  I couldn’t find really clear instructions about how to

alteration for a "protruding derriere"

alter the pattern for this particular problem, so I wasn’t exactly sure what to do, but then I stumbled on a post by Julia Bobbin entitled “How to add extra room for your backside – skirt.” This was pretty helpful, but I think there are still some fit problems.

Things I learned through the making of the Meringue skirt:

Inserting an invisible zipper

– How to alter the pattern to better fit my shape (Thanks you Julia!)

– How to insert an invisible zipper and hook & eye (easier than I thought!)

– Freezer paper does not work so well when cutting on a fold, because the bottom piece is not fixed to the pattern piece and it can slip when cutting.

-and lastly sewing PATIENCE!  I made a muslin first, which is new for me.

In the end, I am pretty happy with how it turned how.  I really like the purple with the pink scallops.  What do you think?  Are you taking part in Sew Colette?

  1. What a lovely skirt! Your scallops are so neat! I’ve been debating if I should make this with/without the scallops because I fear mine will come out messy!

    • Emily said:

      Thanks! My scallops are not as neat as they look… There is some puckering in the edges. You should try the scallops! It’s really not as hard as it looks.

  2. lauren said:

    Excellent work on that scalloped hem. I’m also impressed that you’re brave enough to bare your legs with all that snow around, it looks so cold!

    • Emily said:

      Thanks! I know, it’s really cold, we had a big snow fall recently. But I’m a tough Canadian girl, so I can take the cold!

  3. Thanks for the great posts! I’ve given you a Leibster Award – check out my blog for details.

  4. I totally love the scallops, too! ❤ And the colours are so pretty!

  5. The scallops are just beautiful! I love the look of scallops… if only they weren’t so much fiddling to produce. The red facing on your purple skirt is perfect!

    • Emily said:

      Thank you! The scallops weren’t actually quite as tricky as I thought they would be… Actually, the most difficult thing for me what inserting an invisible zipper!

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