Birthday Dress ~ Vogue 1174

Today I turn 25.

I made this dress to celebrate my quarter of a century.  My mum surprised me with afternoon tea on Saturday at the Windsor Arms Hotel to celebrate, and I felt very well dressed for the occasion (& for the posh environment!)

This dress had been a UFO (unfinished object) for long time.  Vogue 1174 (designed by Cynthia Steffe) was one of the first Vogue patterns I ever picked up.  I really loved the pattern and I was really impressed by the many versions of this dress that other blogging seamstresses have made and shared (like this, this and this.)  I got the Nani Iro ‘Poster Fleur’ fabric from Miss Matatabi about a year ago (from Japan!)

When I first started this dress, I must have been a little overconfident, because it was well beyond the my skill level.  After running into multiple difficulties, I ended up throwing it into a corner and forgetting about it for months.  I have more half finished projects than I’d like to admit, but this one was really special for me… So, using my birthday as a deadline, I pushed myself to get it done, et Voilà!

The skills I learned from this project: making bias tape and piping, and using boning.  I used interfacing on the bodice pieces on the outer fabric and on the lining fabric.  I don’t think that was called for in the pattern, but I got the idea from reading some posts about it.  It made the bodice a lot more stiff and structured.  This was the first time I used boning, but it’s pretty uncomfortable, so I might end up taking it out… well see.  Also, the dress has pockets!

Close up of the Piping


A lot of the other blog posts about Vogue 1174 I read also commented on the weird sizing for this pattern.  The first time I sewed all the pieces up it was a size 10, and way too big for me, so I ended up grading it down to a 6 and it fits like a glove!  Fit is something I’m still trying to get a grasp of in general, but I’m glad that this one turned out alright.

I think I would make it again (perhaps when my skills have improved even more, this dress is a little rough around the edges…), but maybe with straps, like these ones.  One can only have so many strapless dresses!

Anyways, I had a wonderful long weekend full of food & presents with my wonderful family & friends.  Hope all the other Torontonians in the blogosphere enjoyed the beautiful long-weekend weather too!

– The Birthday Girl

  1. Good job! You look beautiful. I have this in my, not quite good enough, pile

    • Emily said:

      Thank you! Even if your version of this dress didn’t work out to your liking, your other clothes are gorgeous!

  2. PILAR said:

    You look gorgeous! Have a nice day.

    • Emily said:

      Thanks! The piping was a first for me, but I really like how it turned out!

  3. Really cute dress! Great job! Sometimes you just need to set a project aside until you have the skill set to handle it– I just finished up something I started nearly a year ago, but only just now figured out how to finish! Happy birthday!

  4. Happy belated birthday and congrats on the lovely dress. Cute shoes too :o))

  5. Happy birthday. Lovely dress. I always like a new dress for my birthday. My Mum used to let me where my party dress to school when I was little and it’s a tradition I like to continue with!

  6. Oh, this dress is very lovely! You look great! I have this pattern too, it might just be time to make it too … 🙂

  7. The dress is gorgeous! And you have it in scync with flamingo! =)

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