TOVA in nani IRO little letter



This is a long overdue post about a top I finished back in March.  I think this probably the first article of clothing that I really like wearing.  Usually I make fancy dress that I can’t really wear on a day-to-day basis, but I’ve worn this shirt a lot since making it!  (Now that its summer I won’t be wearing it again for a while..)  I find the material is so comfortable – its brushed cotton flannel made by nan IRO.  I got it from Miss Matatabi on etsy.

naniirolittleletter FemFab_DSC4647

The construction of this garment was relatively easy and straightforward.  I really like the details of the gathering at the front and the plackets, also the gathering of the sleeves.

Overall a great project to sew!

FemFab_DSC4650 FemFab_DSC4649

Madi & I

My dog Madi & I

  1. Pilar said:

    Hi Emily, You look very pretty with this garment! You dog is very cute. Hugs and kisses from Barcelona.

  2. Livia said:

    I love the fabric!! And it really suits you, congratulations 🙂 Kisses to Madi! Liv.

  3. It’s so vintage-looking, but mostly it looks comfortable and very lovely. Nice work!

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