_DSC0893I just finished a new dress ~ Colette Pattern’s Lily.  I haven’t made that many garments from Colette, so I was excited to try this one.  (Btw, have you seen the new one that came out today? The Hawthorn dress.  Not sure how I feel about it yet…)  The construction was fairly straight forward, the only thing that I found a bit complicated was the front side panels with the pockets.  Once I figured that out everything came together easily.

I made the dress with nani IRO little letter double gauze.  I’m obviously IN LOVE with nani IRO (considering how make so many things with it) but who wouldn’t be!?  I picked up the contrast fabric from The Workroom – it’s just plain quilting cotton, but I think the colour really compliments the flowers in the print.

The dress is fully lined with a white cotton polyester fabric.  I decided to line it because the cotton gauze was slightly see through and it’s more comfortable to have silky-feeling fabric against your skin.  There are no instructions on how to do the lining, which is unfortunate…  I had to overlay a couple of the pattern pieces that makes up the front-side pocket panel to figure out the correct shape, without making an internal pocket.  It was a bit complicated, but I eventually figured it out.  I wish most patterns had an option for lining.


I really like making these little computer drawings (above) of what my dress will look like with the fabric I choose.  It helps me keep focused on what I want to make and it’s so so exciting to see how similar the final product looks compared to the rendering.

Anyways, here it is:_DSC0789



  1. What a great dress! I love the contrast details and the choice of double gauze is a good one- it must be very nice to wear on the hot days! You must be very pleased with your Lily.

  2. It’s lovely! The details make it a sure winner.

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