Roxanne in Liberty!



Well, I have been on an extra long blogging hiatus! However, that does not mean that I have stopped sewing!  I have so many gems that are just waiting to be shared… but for today, may I introduce my version of Victory Pattern’s Roxanne Top. *Ta-Da*

I love Victory Patterns! I’ve made a few Victory patterns so far and I’m really excited to see what Kristiann will come up with next!

I’ve been looking forward to trying out this pattern for a while – I’ve always been very taken by the collar.  I got the pattern as a present for christmas and it quickly made it’s way to the top of my sewing list!


The collar was definitely the most challenging part of the top! Generally I find Victory’s instructions very clear to understand, but for the collar part I found it a little bit confusing, and I kept on looking online for some sort of sewing tutorial – no dice… I was working on it for for some time, getting kind of frustrated and just had to give up for a while! But, like most things in life, once I came back to it with a clear head, it came together beautifully.  I sort of ditched the instructions and went with my instinct.  It was well worth the effort because I think it is such a lovely delicate detail that makes whole piece so special.

I got this fabric ages ago, it is Tana Lawn Liberty that I ordered online from Shaukat in London.  I actually can’t remember the name of the print (if anyone knows the name of it please let me know if the comments!)  I often impulse buy fabric that I love, then hang onto it for ages, just waiting for the right pattern to come along – I’m sure many of you can relate!


When I finished the top, I found it to be a little too baggy for my taste…  I prefer clothes that are a bit fitted, like empire waist.  I think that loose style is more flattering on taller women.  I decided to sew in strings (that I made from the same fabric) onto each side of the top so I could tie it at the back.  I think it makes for a beautiful silhouette.  I also love the gathering on the back of the top and I think the tying accentuates the pleats.



That’s my share for today!  What do you think?   Have you made this top?  I’ve seen so many beautiful versions out in the blogosphere – I’d love to see yours!

  1. LaraG said:

    I really like your version! I’m like you and prefer my clothes on the fitted side, so I think the ties are a great addition.

    • Emily said:

      Thanks! Have you made anything from Victory Patterns? I love your Cynthia Rowley dress 🙂

  2. Aunt Nancy said:

    Emily you are so talented. I really like this top. Your sewing skills are amazing!

    • Emily said:

      Thank you Aunt Nancy. I learned from the best!

  3. This is gorgeous! Your fabric is beautiful, makes me want to make this top.

    • Emily said:

      Thanks! You should make it, it’s great pattern 😉

  4. Kristen said:

    Beautiful fabrics! Your blog is so inspiring!

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